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tiny-root said: Thank you for your tutorial! I was always wondering how to get the screenshots from Miiverse/how to use it so you're a lifesaver. Going to be using this technique from now on. And it was so easy to use. Thank you so very much! ^^

awww!!! you are sooo welcome, I am really glad I could help you out!! :D

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Anonymous said: can you give me the background? (if you have other cute backrounds pls tell me)

I’d prefer to keep it for myself hehe ^^ 

and you’ve asked at a baaaad time haha I got a new laptop the other day so I have none on here, but I’ll share some places you can find some :D

{x} {x} {x

okay there is A LOT there haha!!! I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that you like! ^^ have fun looking through them!!

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Anonymous said: where did you get the path background?

I screenshotted my own path hehe ^u^

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forgot to mention~ NEW THEME!